Eight of ten business owners say that a strong personal brand has helped them attract new clients and grow their business.

Brand Yourself outline

Sign up for this online course to discover and create your brand, DIY-style, through a combination of online assessments, video tutorials, practical exercises, and weekly webinars.

You will get practical tools, frameworks and exercises to bring your brand to life, and hold you accountable to the goals you set. 

By completing this course, you will have:

Your 'Why'

clarity around your purpose and how you want to be in the world

Your 'What'

understand your brand essence: your vision, values, and identity

Your 'How'

a framework and process to help you articulate and share your brand story

Practical outcomes from the Brand Yourself course include:

  • A checklist to get your CV and LinkedIn profile up to date and looking Dapper;
  • A guide to creating quality written content, using a smart mix of AI and thought leadership;
  • A Canva how-to guide and templates to create beautiful, on-brand images, even if you have no design experience.

This is what people have to say about the Brand Yourself course

“I discovered my unique voice, learned to express it authentically, and unearthed a wellspring of self-worth I never knew existed. Each chapter and exercise felt like a personal pep talk, unlocking the confidence and clarity I needed to navigate my path confidently.”

- Francois Viljoen, founder of Fukumu


Who is Dapper?

Dapper works at the intersection of self-discovery and professional branding. We empower leaders – from emerging through to established – to achieve success on their own terms. 

Our vision is to provide an alternative to hustle culture, where leaders can know and present their authentic selves, creating a ripple effect through their organisation, team, and networks.

This year, our goal is to empower 1,000 entrepreneurs.